4 thoughts on “Pet Food Alpha 117: While You Wait

  1. “Spend my time leveling jobs that could be somewhat useful.”

    Apologies if this is inappropriate, but do you have some kind of Pupppetmaster-hate-mail fetish, Fusionx?

  2. lol not at all, but I know for a fact my LS would NEVER ask me to bring PUP to an event if i had it leveled.

  3. Haven’t heard of Bahamut Lagoon? Considering its .jp onry release, I can rather understand that, however it’s a rather well-made tactical rpg with a few unique elements to it, wiki it for a rather decent description that doesn’t seem to contain any misinformation that I can identify. A short description of the gameplay’d be squad-based trpg combat, but with each squad having a dragon that acts semi-autonomously and sometimes swoops into a ground skirmish to help out when not wiping the floor with things on its own. Verily, one might find having a poke at the translated rom well worth one’s time.

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