How Long is Too Long?

11 Aug 2008

Ever since the introduction of the ZNM system in the last update, players have been spending their time going up the ZNM tiers in order to gain access to one of the most difficult enemies in Final Fantasy XI: Pandemonium Warden. But we have only heard of a few accounts of the fight which talk about PW changing into different forms along with the Pandemonium Lamps.

The LS “Beyond the Limitation” on Seraph has given Pandemonium Warden a great attempt and even after EIGHTEEN hours, was unable to defeat this monster.

This begs the question “How Long is Too Long?”

We’ve recently learned from the Premier Site Summit that Sage Sundi believes the Absolute Virtue fight to take eighteen hours (or less if you’re lucky). Could it be possible that with the introduction of this new endgame NM system that they decided to add another extremely difficult NM?

BtL had gone through twenty possible forms of the Pandemonium Warden. Some of the forms alone took a few hours to defeat. But the many forms of this monster aren’t the worst thing to come from this fight. After the fight had raged on for 18 hours Sylphet from BtL had posted this in the BG Forums:

People were passing out and getting physically ill. We decided to end it before we risked turning into a horrible new story about how video games ruin people’s lives.

Sylphet has also informed me that several members of BtL actually ended up vomiting by the end of the night from their intense focusing with no breaks for 18 hours.

I think with the recent AV news and now the news of how long PW fights are lasting (without defeating the NM) It might be time to remind Square-Enix of their own message.

Right now the members of Beyond the Limitation just wish Square-Enix to carefully consider their own warning that shows up before a user is able to log into the game.

Hopefully enough people will voice their opinions about these long battles that will make Square-Enix rethink their endgame monster design to include a battle that is still very challenging, but doesn’t require you to spend almost an entire day to defeat.

We are one of very few LS who have killed AV (not using the wall trick) so we know quite well what is futile and what is not.  None of us doubt that PW can be killed.  We just call into question exactly what the development team thinks is reasonable from human beings.


You can listen to Pet Food Alpha 113: How Long is Too Long? Here.