6 thoughts on “Pet Food Alpha 104: 2 Years Of Biscuit

  1. Woop! Name check! Yes indeed I was listening. In return, I shall issue this podcast a spot on my next video, ooooh yes.

    I thought the podcast was good, even though a lot of it was over my head as I’m moderately new. Makes me think if it’s a bit late for be to be joining the game what with all this content to get through, but meh, I like it, and I like the fact there’s more content than I could ever get through, I’ll never get bored, potentially.

    I’m still listening to this right now, but I read on here you’ll be talking about Puppetmaster, haven’t got there yet, but yeah I really want to be a PUP, why you ask? Here’s some reasons.

    1. Automaton’s are awesome, they just are.
    2. Peeps are on about it being a cash sink, who cares, I farm.
    3. Puppetmasters are moderately uncommon, meaning more awesome, or not.
    4. Flexibility of fighting style.
    5. Soloing? Actually no, they probably suck for soloing…
    6. What would be a good subjob, beastmaster? No way, White Mage? Yeah actually that might work… Red mage though would have to do I’ve already leveled that, yeah then I’d get a bit of healing and a bit of the old POW POW POW. Ok shutting up, these aren’t even reason’s anymore.

    I’ll post a video tomorrow commenting on this, mentioning your podcast, and so on, and I’ll send the link to Steak. Awesome guys, thanks again.

  2. I amazes me how multi-complex this game is. I’ve been playing for 4 years and havent even scratched the surface of the content of this truly game of all games.

  3. Great show! Grats on 2yr. I don’t know how u guys got an exclusive with Matt Hilton, but great stuff. I did feel like something was missing from the show since Squig left. Here’s hoping she’ll resolve her IRL issue with the quickness and will be back asap.
    On a side note. I think what Steak was referring to about the “call for help” was the keyboard shortcut of ctrl+G. I remember this being a recurring problem when I would use the shortcut for ranged attack (ctrl+D). Nothing worse than calling for help on a HNM or chain w/e. Incase ppl don’t know you can reassign keyboard shortcut via config in main menu. The menu option for “call for help” has not changed in all these years, not that I’m aware of.

    I was meriting on my bard last night (after the long ass download) and Pianissimo is just too sweet! I’m pretty sure its bugged and will be nerfed, since I can hit a mage with a solo ballad from 30 feet away. I also see that the info is already up on ffxiclopedia, but Pianissimo does not work with Horde Lullaby sadly. :/

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