3 thoughts on “Pet Food Alpha 103: Choo Choo

  1. Man I remember when I was first coming up and leveling in the jungles. People who didn’t have an proper or adequate leveled subjob (one or two underlevels was ok) they would be laughed right out of the zone.

  2. You have the “Call Beast” ability when you reach the appropriate level (46 as /BST) but jug pet broth can only be equipped by BST main, so no dice.

    You can use pet food as /BST though since the biscuits are all jobs. Zeta is base cure of ~350HP. Pet food has a slight regen as well as the base cure. MND affects the amount cured slightly. “Enhances Reward” gear is dependent on the gear but is generally in 5-10% ranges.

    At early levels, Zeta is overboard since mobs don’t even have that much HP. Delta is plenty good for a while. Also on that note, carrying some crab familiars is a good way to get out of trouble if you get aggro or something.

    Subbing BST has been shown to increase the potential success if the BST main is higher than the job you are on by using the “Gauge” ability and noting the message; however you aren’t charming it as if you were level 75. That would be pretty broken as you can imagine. You will have more mischarms than an equal level BST, but it is still manageable. Subbing BST is a way to solo on most any job with success but you lose the ability to call jug pets and don’t get some of the helpful abilities like “Leave” until 70. Also, an Apollo/Light Staff become a MUST at 51+ for reliable charm success as /BST. I solo’d as NIN/BST from about 20-30 with success (mijin is a great escape route). WHM/BST is supposed to pwn early on.

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