Volunteer Positions


Gamer Escape is currently looking for volunteers that can dedicate some time each week to improve various aspects of our website. While these are strictly volunteer (see: non-paying) positions, please keep in mind that we are looking for dedicated and passionate applicants that can commit time to Gamer Escape.

The positions we’re looking to fill are listed below.

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Gamer Escape

General Gaming reporter

We’re looking for someone that loves video games and loves writing about them. Someone that’s up to date on the latest big developments in the gaming industry such as game announcements, new trailer releases etc.

This person will post general gaming news such as new screenshots or trailers released for upcoming titles, or other stories of interest. There is an opportunity for a lot of freedom and originality here. Please submit any original article ideas with your application.


Final Fantasy XI

Final Fantasy XI reporter

We’re looking for someone that is interested in both the currently running Final Fantasy XI game and future games that are a part of the “Vana’diel Project”. The ideal candidate is on top of all new developments relating to Final Fantasy XI and will post them in a timely manner.



Final Fantasy XIV


Final Fantasy XIV reporter

We’re looking for someone that is currently active in Final Fantasy XIV. This person must be logging in weekly and be informed and up to date on the latest rumblings both officially and within the FFXIV community at large.

This person will post official news from the lodestone in addition to posting important Dev Tracker posts and subjects of interest within the community.  Motivation to put out original articles a plus! Please submit any original article ideas with your application.

Final Fantasy XIV guides writer

Do you like tackling challenging content? We’re looking for someone with expert knowledge on all things in the Duty Finder to write guides to assist others. Applicants will create written guides (original videos a plus!) for posting on the Gamer Escape front page as well as within our FFXIV wiki.

Final Fantasy XIV column writer

Do you have a passion for a certain element within Final Fantasy XIV? We’re interested in regular posts (weekly, bi-weekly) about any topics of interest to you. Please tell us what your interest is when submitting an application!


Missing Something?

Is there a position not on this list that you think you could fill? Throw us an application and let us know!


  • All applicants should should be easily reachable during the week and use our Discord server.

  • Basic image editing skills required for all writing positions. Video skills a plus.
  • All applicants are required to submit a writing sample (or links to previous work) related to the position they are applying for.

  • If applying for a game specific position, please tell us about your in-game experience and provide a link to your character stats (such as FFXIV’s Lodestone) if possible.
  • Depending on the volume of applicants, we may not be able to respond to every application submitted.


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