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FFXIV Wiki Wednesday: Drop Rates!

Did you see Hiroshi Minagawa’s post about Random Number Generators (“RNG”) and FFXIV? You can read it here… we’ll wait if you want to read it now. Interesting? Sure. But does it tell you what rate Square Enix has assigned...
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Navigate the Wiki… on your own terms!

With The Wiki growing at a very nice clip (now over 1300 articles), it had become somewhat more difficult to find certain pages by navigating from the main page.  No more we say!  Ganiman took up the reigns and coded...
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Eorzeapedia Now Supporting 5 Languages

We are proud to announce that Eorzeapedia now has support for 5 languages!  The languages include the 4 announced languages in which Final Fantasy XIV will be released – English, Japanese, French, and German – as well as Spanish.  If...
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