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The October Version Update is Here!

The FINAL FANTASY XI team has implemented new BCNM battlefields, Voidwatch adjustments, and other improvements to Vana'diel just in time for Halloween!Read on for the details.

A Glimpse At Voidwatch Second Chapter Rewards

With today’s news about more Voidwatch content comes a little gem from the Community Team in the forum of a video that shows off never before seen weapons that will be available as part of the new Voidwatch additions arriving...
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Voidwatch: The Second Chapter

A new thread has been created in the Updates section of the official forums:[dev1026] Voidwatch: The Second ChapterProceed to the thread.

The July Version Update Hath Come!

While this latest version update may be small in size, it’s big on improvements, introducing multitudinous job adjustments, battle system refinements, and other revisions that upgrade the quality of Vana’dielian living! Teleport over to the forums to peruse the particulars...
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Voidwatch Refinements

A new thread has been created in the Updates section of the official forums:[dev1019] Voidwatch RefinementsProceed to the thread.


The Version Update Has Arrived!

Adventurers of Vana'diel, take heed: the May version update has gone live! With the first installment of the new Voidwatch battle system, a new set of battlefields, and the expanded solo training feature, Grounds of Valor, this update is sure to offer ...

Voidwatch Emerges!

[dev1007] Voidwatch Emgerges! What Is Voidwatch? In Voidwatch, bands of six to eighteen members will square off against “Voidwalkers,” savage entities that have breached planar bounds to invade multiple landscapes spanning past and present. By slaying these manifestations of terror,...
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The New Version Update Draws Nigh

The next update to FINAL FANTASY XI will be released on Tuesday, May 10.The update will introduce new battlefields as well as an original battle system called Voidwatch, which will target high-level adventurers. As part of our ongoing effort to revital...

The FINAL FANTASY XI roadmap for the next twelve-months

The roadmap that has been mentioned to us for the past several weeks on the forums has finally arrived! With no expansion or add-on in sight, the Final Fantasy XI Development team is working on introducing new content to older...
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