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FFXI February Update Arrives with REM Upgrades!

From playonline.com: New Wanted targets have been added, the ability to further reforge relic, mystic, empyrean, and ergon weapons has been implemented, and there have been a variety of other adjustments and quality of life improvements! Read on for the...
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FFXI: Final Major Update Goes Live

Over the past sixteen years, many of us have wondered: if Final Fantasy XI is an MMORPG, how will it end? Starting today we can find out. The final major update for the game has been released, and if you...
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FFXI’s September Version Arrives!

From PlayOnline.com: In this version update, experience two new high-tier mission battlefields: One to be Feared and Dawn. Try your hand at other new additions and adjustments to existing battle content, including new notorious monsters in Geas Fete, new Wanted...
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The May Version Update For FFXI Has Landed!

Marquee content for this patch includes chapter one of Rhapsodies of Vana’diel, a new area known as Escha – Zi’Tah, and battle content called Geas Fete. Those with more domestic leanings can enjoy a new second floor added to their...
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The March Version Update Has Arrived!

All aboard for the March version update! After you’ve boarded, take a seat next to the all-new Vagary battle content, empyrean armor reforging, or the various new functions added to /lockstyle! The conductor is also pleased to offer a selection...
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FFXI: March 26th Version Update Info

Today, Final Fantasy XI producer, Akihiko Matsui announced the details of the upcoming version update scheduled for later this week, March 26th. Some of the highlights include the new Vagary battle system, and reforging of Empyrean armor. Some other unexpected...
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FFXI: March Version Update Announced

Even though the February version update has barely been out for a week, today Square-Enix revealed details about the March update which includes the addition of Vagary, all-new battle content that pits Vana’diel’s heroes against the Xol Triumvirate. Also found amongst...
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FFXI February Update Preview

In just a few short days on February 19th, Final Fantasy XI will see an update that brings in a bunch of new content and adjustments. The biggest piece of new content comes in the form of the new alluvion skirmishes...
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