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The Crafter’s Corner – Back to Basics: Part Two

Welcome, crafters, to another week of The Crafter’s Corner. On behalf of everyone here at Gamer Escape, I do hope you had a wonderful holidays. Last week, while you opened gifts and stuffed yourself bigger than Good King Moogle Mog,...
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The Crafters Corner: Back to Basics – Part One

Happy Holidays, fellow crafters! It’s time to take a look back and give a helping hand to those fledgeling crafters who aren’t worried about crafting the latest furnishings and 2-star gear, but just trying to get started. The entire crafting...
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The Crafter’s Corner – Materia Madness

Greetings, crafters! Welcome to another installment of The Crafter’s Corner. Last week we geared your crafter with the best options available. At this point I’m going to assume you’ve geared up and are ready to start filling up those empty...
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