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Steam Summer Sale- Hide Your Wallets!

The Steam Summer Sale has arrived! It’s that magical time of year again, where the games available on Steam plummet in price making you want to pick up games that you never had any desire to play. Sure there is...
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Final Fantasy III Coming To PC Via Steam

NES, DS, PSP, iOS, Android, heck even the Ouya has a version of Final Fantasy III for it. A Steam product page has surfaced for a PC version of Final Fantasy III which has been “optimised for PC gaming with...
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Trails in the Sky Steam Release Delayed to 2014

Back in September, Xseed Games announced that The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky SC (Second Chapter) will be released in the West in 2014 on PSN and Steam. The teaser trailer for the announcement also mentioned that the...
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Ready, Set, Greenlight: Valve Greenlights 100 More Games

It’s a race for recognition among indie game developers and the gate to publication is often hard to break through. The chief issue for many of the smaller game developers is marketing and distribution – issues that publication on Steam...
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SteamOS Maker Valve joins The Linux Foundation

A year or so ago, Valve and its brain child Steam saw great successes with Microsoft’s then current platform Windows 7. It was a golden age for both Windows and Steam where the two companies saw annual growth that was,...
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Could FFXIV Be Coming To Steam?

Could Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn be coming to Steam? That’s the question on many minds after it was discovered that the title is currently in the Steam database. The game’s Director/Producer Naoki Yoshida previously told press that Square...
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Valve Adds Playing Cards To Steam

Today, Valve announced Steam Trading Cards. Players will be able to complete a set through game play and “your collecting prowess”. Once a set is completed, they can be crafted into a game badge which will show up on your...
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