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Official Seekers of Adoulin Website Updated!

A plethora of information about upcoming content has been added to the official Seekers of Adoulin website, including the never-before-seen Mog Garden feature, new Naakuals, areas, and equipment.You can also enjoy the Mog Garden background music on the...

Seekers of Adoulin High Level Content On the Way

Square Enix announced today that they will be releasing a new patch for Seekers of Adoulin on Monday, April 29th.  The update  will feature all-new battle content, including: • Delve – By using a special item, up to eighteen players...
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The latest version update has made landfall!

A sweeping array of changes accompany this version update, in particular the addition of the much-awaited Seekers of Adoulin content.Enjoy new areas, missions, quests, battle content, jobs, and more!Read on for further details.

New Seekers of Adoulin Trailer

This new trailer shows off a trio of adventurers fighting some of the Naakuals that inhabit the lands of Ulbuka. We’re also treated to some scenes from what are presumably new quests that will be featured in the 5th expansion...
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Rune Fencers—Adoulin's Protectors of the Faith

Rune Fencers—Adoulin’s Protectors of the Faith

Rune fencers conjure an ancient elemental script that harbors primeval forces—and bend them to their very will. They call forth the latent potential bubbling just beneath the ink, turning it into either tempestuous blades that carve the flesh of foes...
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Geomancers: Wielders of Nature's Force

Geomancers: Wielders of Nature’s Force

Geomancers lovingly coax out the energies that course through the world’s lifestream so that they may survive another day amidst the Ulbukan continent’s savage wilds. The practice of geomancy—concentrating organic powers within luopans and enhancing their potency with the sublime...
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