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The realm is alive with the vibrance of spring, made vivid with rolling green hills and crystal blue skies. Winter’s frigid embrace seems a distant memory, soon forgotten as we welcome springtime’s most joyous celebration: Hatching-tide. Jihli Aliapoh, founder of...
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Little Ladies’ Day

Old man winter’s icy reign draws to a close, and spring comes to the realm once more. The air is filled with birdsong, and sweet with the scent of flowering buds—but none quite so sweet as the peach blossom. Townsfolk...
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Though the winter winds still blow and bite, the tender blossoms of love still thrive in Eorzea. City streets are lined with fanciful shades of scarlet and pink, and hearts are aflutter as we welcome the return of Valentione’s Day!...
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A Hitsuji For Heavensturn!

Heavensturn is upon us at last, and once more the Twelve gather to determine who among them shall take the celestial vanguard in the coming year. As the deities of Eorzea convene to discuss matters of the divine, Far Eastern...
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The Starlight Celebration Is Here!

Winter has come at last, and ’tis the season for every child’s favorite holiday─the Starlight Celebration! With the cities festooned with decorations and festival preparations well underway, children eagerly await presents from the “Saint of Nymeia.” The goodly saint will...
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Rest Ashored, Love is in the Garden!

Today is Valentione’s Day! Tomorrow is Valentione’s Day! The day after tomorrow is Valentione’s Day! It’s happy Valentione’s Day every day until you finally receive your chocolate, kupo! Now that the day has arrived, kupo… Send a gift to that...
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Moonfire Faire - Bombard A-bomb-inations

Moonfire Faire – Bombard A-bomb-inations

As adventurers and townsfolk alike seek respite from the blazing summer heat, the reappearance of flame-kissed balloons with their sinister grins may be a sign of something hotter still. Ever wont to enlighten Eorzea’s people, The Harbor Herald has uncovered...
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