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PAX West Quick-Look: A Couple of 2D Side-Scrollers

The top expo floor has quickly become my favorite place to hang out at PAX West this year. Unlike the other two floor filled with giant, flashy displays from a number of large publishers, the top floor is a bit...
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PAX West Quick-Look: Doom VR

During the pre-show press hour at PAX West, I knew that I had to take the opportunity to try a game at one of the major booths while I had the chance. After all, once the rest of the public...
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PAX West Quick-Look: Dragon Quest Builders

When I met up with Fusionx yesterday at PAX West, he was already immersed deeply in a slew of upcoming titles from Square Enix. Thanks to his almighty powerful influence, he was able to grab me a demo station at...
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Rock Band Rivals: The Rundown

As a massive fan of rhythm games, the Rock Band series holds a special place in my heart. It devoured most of my free time in both high school and college, and I still bust out the recent Rock Band 4 at...
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Suda51 Interested in Remastering More of His Past Work

The first game created by Goichi Suda’s (aka Suda51) studio Grasshopper Manufacture, The Silver Case, is set to receive a PC remaster this Fall, also marking the first English release for the game. Earlier today at PAX West, Suda led...
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Hands-On With Hitman GO VR Edition

For those fans of the original Hitman GO, the VR Edition will  delight.  This is not, however, what you have come to expect or anticipate from VR gaming.  Until now VR games have been primarily first person experiences – flying...
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PAX East Live Q&A Panel Transcript

At PAX East 2016, Naoki Yoshida hosted the first ever North American Live Q&A panel, taking questions both at random from a bag of submitted cards as well as from the audience on the spot. Many of you tuned in...
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