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PAX West Quick-Look: Detached

During most of my time at PAX West, I tended to skip the big, flashy booths from the huge developers, instead seeking out the smaller indie companies showing off their games. Not only did I have a chance to play...
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Hands On With ToeJam & Earl Back In The Groove

After a successful Kickstarter, Humanature Studios announced that they had a funding partner to help the latest ToeJam & Earl game be made and to get it on consoles. That partner is Adult Swim. While I was visiting the Adult...
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Head On With Resident Evil 7

During my time at PAX West I finally got a chance to sit down and see Resident Evil 7 in PlayStation VR- a task that was neigh impossible during this year’s E3 because of how popular the title was. At...
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Hands On With Pyre

This past weekend at PAX West I had the opportunity to check out the latest game from the creators of Bastion and Transistor. In Pyre, you control a team of three characters as they’re tasked with extinguishing the pyre of the opposing...
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Hands On With Final Fantasy XV

By now, many of us have seen the near-hour of gameplay footage that was released for Final Fantasy XV. Seeing can be different than playing for yourself however and this week at PAX West I had a chance to sit...
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Hands-On With World of Final Fantasy

At PAX West, I had the chance to sit down and play the upcoming World of Final Fantasy. Since it’s announcement, which featured chibi-style Final Fantasy characters, we haven’t heard too much about the game and so I wasn’t quite...
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