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Back Game & Wario On Crowdfarter.com

We’ve talked about some kickstarters in the past. Today’s news shows the launch of a similar platform- with more farting. A site for Nintendo’s upcoming launch of Game & Wario has surfaced. Being called Crowdfarter, it lets people donate coins...
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Nintendo’s Wii-Mini, Eh?

Nintendo subtly announced the launch of another new console recently, the Wii-Mini. The console, which will be available in Canada starting December 7th for $100, specializes in supporting Nintendo Wii titles; however, lacks an array of the important features included...
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E3 2012 Hands On: Nintendoland

Last year, Nintendo’s big E3 “thing” was the unveiling of the Wii U. And while that’s definitely a big thing for them this year, their main attraction was Nintendoland. A theme park of various Nintendo properties such as The Legend...
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E3 2012: Day 1 Wrap Up

The first day of this year’s E3 has come and gone. We attended our first Nintendo press conference this year, and we got to see some cool titles later in the day once the show floor opened. We still have...
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Wii U Pre E3 Wrap-up

Nintendo’s Pre E3 Wii U video via Nintendo Direct has just ended and with it, we got a look at the revised Wii U Gamepad and Wii U’s Xbox 360 controller Wii U Pro Controller, along with some new features...
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Spirit Photography: The Possessed Notebook

A spin-off title to the Fatal Frame series, Spirit Photography: The Possessed Notebook is going to take advantage of the 3DS’ 3D camera and feature gameplay elements involving augmented reality. Finally, you can walk around the mall like Frank West...
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Progress Being Made On The Last Story For North America?

After Nintendo’s E3 conference this year my mind was pretty much made up. I told myself that for the foreseeable future, the last Nintendo related product I would purchase would be the upcoming Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. However there...
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