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PAX East Live Q&A Panel Transcript

At PAX East 2016, Naoki Yoshida hosted the first ever North American Live Q&A panel, taking questions both at random from a bag of submitted cards as well as from the audience on the spot. Many of you tuned in...
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FFXIV GDC 2014 Video Now Online

This is certainly going back a bit, but the video presentation that Naoki Yoshida gave at GDC last year has finally been put online. Titled “Behind The Realm Reborn”, Yoshida discusses the issues with version 1.0, what they did to...
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Last night, FFXIV Director/Producer Naoki Yoshida attended a player run in-game event on the Tonberry world. It’s said that during the event, people discovered that he was on the server and began to swarm the area. Players repeatedly fired the canons...
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