Could The Lightning Saga Be Coming To Steam?

A new website has popped up as a portal for the Final Fantasy XIII games and… it has a little something added to the bottom. Along with a logo for Square Enix’s Dive In streaming service that will be bringing...
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You Got Eorzea In My Nova Chrysalia part 1

A quick look at how to obtain Final Fantasy XIV’s Miqo’te Dress in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. We’ll have another post later this week on how you can obtain the weapons and shields for Eorzea’s Grand Companies as well!

Today, Square Enix released a Final Fantasy XIII retrospective that looks… well, retro. Get caught up on the story of Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy XIII-2 before Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII arrives in just thirteen days on February...
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Pink, Blue, Hotrod Red! New Screenshots for Lightning Returns Flaunts Color Wheel for Outfits, Battle, and More!

The North American version of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is getting closer and closer and with that we get some new screenshots! This time we get a look at the Battle System, environment, menu and events. Among the screenshots...
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Screenshot 2014-01-07 15.32.49

Refreshing Landscapes and In-Game Footage for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Explored in New Video

The North American release of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is right the corner and just in time, we get the third and final part of the “Inside the Square” series of videos featuring the new title. Again narrated by...
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New Inside the Square Video on the Making of Lightning Returns

There is no shortage of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII news these past few weeks. With the recent successful launch of the game in Japan and the soon-to-come North American launch in February, it’s no wonder that Square is pushing...
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