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New FFXV Trailer Is About Holding A Child In The Rain

It was said that Final Fantasy XV skipped E3 this year because they had no new footage to show- stating that they would bring a new trailer to Gamescom. Square Enix released that trailer earlier today and Tabata was said to have...
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Letter from the Producer, XXXII

FINAL FANTASY XIV fans the world round, the thirty-second Letter from the Producer has arrived for your viewing pleasure! Pore over the complete letter.

Aetheryte Radio 3: Tokyo Game Show 2009

On episode 3 of Aetheryte Radio we cover info released after Gamescom 2009 as well as the small amount of information released at this year’s Tokyo Game Show. More information about the Guildleve system is out, as well as new...
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Recently in the Magazines

Have you seen the pictures that came out this week?  Thanks to information released through Weekly Famitsu and Famitsu Online, we now have pictures of three more monsters that will feel the business end of our swords in Final Fantasy...
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VG247 Gamescom “coverage”

VG247 released five mini-articles over the past 24 hours, each identifying one fact they gleaned from their interview with Tanaka at Gamescom (basically they published one “article” per quote).  Most of the information is already known, so we’ll just highlight...
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Every MMO game has a a variety of different content. Some is aimed at beginners, while some is designed for the most experienced of players. However apart from beginning and end game content, there are some parts of the game...
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Dengeki: Interview with Tanaka and Sundi

These big game shows are a lot like Christmas.  You get a bunch of really good stuff all at once but there is something of a let down after it’s all over.  However, sometimes there are still little treats that...
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Aetheryte Radio 2: Gamescom 2009

On episode 2 of Aetheryte Radio we cover Gamescom 2009! We talk about the playable alpha build of Final Fantasy XIV at the show, discuss the new action battle system and what we currently know about the Guildleve system. We...
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Playstation Blog Interview

Another day another Gamescom interview report.  This one is from the Playstation blog.  Not much new in this one except some hints at beta timing from Tanaka. PSB: Are you still planning a spring 2010 beta? Tanaka: We can’t really...
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