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Day 1: Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival 2014

The first day of the first Final Fantasy XIV 2014 Fan Festival had a huge announcement in Heavensward, otherwise known as Final Fantasy XIV 3.0. We had a hint earlier in the week that Heavensward (or Souten no Ishgard in...
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Odin Fight Preview

After the Lore Panel, Camate and Grekumah cut to some players trying the new Odin fight. It looks to be taking place in an instanced area of the Black Shroud, and seems to have similar behavior to the FATE (but...
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Screen Shot 2014-10-18 at 1.05.14 PM

Final Fantasy XIV Fan Fest Keynote Live Blog

Final Fantasy XIV CG trailer for new expansion, Heavensward. Clearly takes place in Ishgard. Naoki Yoshida opened up the keynote in english, and said: “Let’s talk about Final Fantasy XIV 3.0… in Japanese!”.


The FFXIV Fan Festival 2014 Bag

Those attending the Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival in Vegas this weekend will receive a bag full of goodies! Take a look at all the items in our gallery!


Day 0: Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival 2014

Thousands of excited Final Fantasy XIV fans flocked to the Rio today to register and pick up their badges for the first ever Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival! We took a handful of pictures during registration and during tonight’s reception...
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EU Community Team Gives A Preview Of The London Fan Fest

Sasunaich and Kahuna return with the second episode of Beyond the Adventurer’s Guild to give us a look at some of the exciting things that are planned for the second Fan Festival event this year in London.