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Hands On With TERA

The MMO market is more saturated than it ever has been before.  It is an extremely competitive genre.  Many try and many fail.  We were lucky enough to demo a new title for the North American audience that has the...
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AUDIO: E3 2011 Day 3 Wrap Up

It’s our final day of coverage of E3 2011 and we check in one last time with Ganiman, Gahoo and Fusionx to see what they experienced on their last day of the convention. We talk a little more about the...
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AUDIO: E3 2011 Day 2 Wrap Up

As our E3 coverage marches on we check in once again with Ganiman, Gahoo and Fusionx out in LA and get their take on what’s on the floor at this years convention. Yesterday we saw what Square-Enix had to offer,...
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E3 2011 Wakfu Interview with Ankama

Day 2 of E3 brought us to our Wakfu walkthrough and interview – including a look at some existing content (albeit high level) and a few answers (albeit perhaps not the answers wanted).   First up… a walkthrough by none...
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A Step In The Right Direction?

At least one developer has decided to abandon friend codes. Ubisoft, known for titles such as the upcoming WiiU Ghost Recon Online, has confirmed that they will be introducing their own social networking platform to keep players connected inside of...
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More Information On The WiiU, And Other Thoughts

We know the basics. We know the specs. What about the controller itself? The games? Wii-U. Not only will “we” enjoy it as a group, but it is also tailor made for “you.” The new controller integrates the console with,...
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3DS Gets Virtual Console Update; Tons Of New Titles

Plenty of news for owners of the 3DS console at this year’s E3. Not only is it going to highly integrate with the WiiU, but it seems to be getting it’s own online platforms, much like the original Wii. Users...
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AUDIO: 2011 E3 Day 1 Wrap Up

E3 is an exciting time and Gamer Escape has boots on the ground out in Los Angeles, California, bringing you all the latest news about games that you care about. Last night, we were able to check in with members...
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Hitman: Absolution E3 2011 Trailer

The trailer for Hitman: Absolution is here! Hitman is gaining a lot of buzz around this years E3, so make sure to check it out!