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Famitsu Interviews Tanaka and Kurosawa at E3

Like many media outlets, Famitsu had their interview with Final Fantasy XIV Producer Tanaka Hiromichi (left) and North American Producer/Senior Manager of NA Operations Kurosawa Yasu (right) today.  Topics included the upcoming start of beta testing, possible 3D effects, and...
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A Look At Beta Character Creation

Earlier we had a look at the new Beta user interface. Now we can check out some screen shots of the character customization that will be available in the beta client. It looks like there will be several options that...
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A Look At The Beta User Interface

We had quite a lot of into on the site yesterday from E3 and no doubt we have lots of new information to put up today as well! Let’s take a look at some new screen shots showing Final Fantasy...
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Disecting The E3 2010 Trailer

The trailer released yesterday has quite a bit packed into its three minutes. Now that we’ve had the time to watch it and re-watch it, let’s see what kind of things we’re able to pick out of it! First and...
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Final Fantasy XIV In 3D

Another new video has surfaced on the Final Fantasy XIV Youtube channel. This time featuring a demo they have set up at E3 that features the game running in 3D!

E3 Wrap-up (Day 1)

So day one (for us) of E3 is behind us – and given that the demo and interview are scheduled for tomorrow, today was something of a bonus day for us.  For those following our E3 tweets some, or most,...
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New Video Shows Changed Battle System

A new video has appeared on the Final Fantasy XIV Youtube channel showing off some of the changes made to the battle system from the alpha build of the game.