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FFXIV Dev Tracker: May 19-23

This week has seen everyone’s favorite Behemoth avatar giving you all the #hotscoops on the Dev Tracker. Check out everything from this past week after the break!

Dev Tracker: Odin And Behemoth Loading Issues

Square Enix has finally addressed player concerns over the appearance of Behemoth and Odin F.A.T.Es which draw in so many people, that it causes the disappearance of the models for these two notorious monsters. Hello, The development team is aware...
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Dev Tracker For The Week of 7/31/11

This week has seen a handful of responses surrounding the recently released job manifesto. The Community Team and Development Team are responding to player feedback about proposed changes as well as commenting about other ideas being suggested by the community....
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Dev Tracker For The Week Of 7/31/11

From adjustments to the boss lurking in the Dzemael Darkhold to concept art to an explanation of the “void”, this weeks Dev Tracker is packed with information and teasing of things to come in the future. Check out this weeks...
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Dev Tracker For The Week Of 6/19/11

This week’s Dev Tracker dug up some information about player titles, some clarifications about upcoming raid content, the removal of the ‘Area of Effect’ option for magic spells, and giving bonuses for completed Guildleves. We’re looking for volunteers to do...
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Dev Tracker For The Week of 6/19/11

This week we’ve heard some news about the 2010 FFXI census, the possibility of expanding where chocobos can be rented, monster redistribution in older zones, and maybe just maybe finally we might see The Colosseum implemented. We’re looking for volunteers...
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Dev Tracker For The Week Of 6/12/11

Sorry that the Dev Tracker is a bit late, we’re still playing catch up from E3 2011. There are some exciting announcements including some clarifications on the new Auto-Attack system, the announcement of arrow key camera mapping, and adjustments to...
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Dev Tracker For The Week of 6/12/11

We’ve been recovering and trying to get information out from E3, the Dev Tracker posts took a week off. But we’re back and we’ve got some info collected from the forums including some new icons, a new category for Abyssea...
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