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  • brymstone

    Is there no longer a way to subscribe via rss to pet food alpha without getting the other podcasts?

  • Gahoo

    We’ve gone ahead and added new RSS feed icons to each category/tag page. So now you can grab a feed of just PFA, or even articles tagged as “Naoki Yoshida”. You will find the new icon above the top post in any category/tag view.

  • Patrick

    Your Wiki of Final Fantasy 14 is great but you have forget to write the Lvl 10 and Lvl 20 Quest and Fate in your Subquest and Fate Wiki.
    I hope you will do it in some day :)

  • jglot33

    When do you plan on fixing the leve quest list part of the website…It seems to be only displaying a search page?

    • rofldrg

      Seems to be working fine for me? Shows the different types and provides links to pages that list all of them in a certain category.

      • jglot33

        Ah my link must be old…Oh well the link you posted works and that works for me thx :)

  • petsar
  • whoisthevillian

    I’ve uploaded some pictures, and they are off-center, some is off the screen, and can’t me moved.
    can this be fixed???
    thanks for your time

  • pailtros

    The hunting log fro retainers needs to be updated. The quantity of the items for below level 10 at least for crystals is 30. I haven’t checked on the other items, but the crystals are 30.

  • Morningstar

    Hello I’m making a crafting overview guide covering for Final Fantasy XIV (primarily for sit;s lodestone forum and maybe GameFAQs) covering the basics,
    the abilities and their relationship with the other classes and I used
    you wiki as a reference of sorts (Mostly for the skill icons but also
    to figure out certain stats like CP cost, efficiency and success rate) I
    was wondering if it’s okay to use your site/wiki as a reference.

    Also I;m certain that Comfort Zone has a CP cost

    • rofldrg

      Yep! Reference away!

      • Morningstar

        Okay so I think I;m finished with the guide but I think I need to elaborate on the endgame crafting and desynth sections. is there anyone here that knows more about these subjects?

  • chocoholic

    Hi I’m recently working on translating some useful guild and wikis into Chinese for Mandarin players. I would like to know if I can use your site as main reference and translate your work. It is a big Chinese player forum and most of the players can’t get access to foreign websites (and some of them speak poor English). Thanks a lot c:

    • Hezkezl

      My apologies for not noticing this earlier, but I have a feeling the staff here won’t mind at all :) Go for it!

  • Kyrja

    I’m finding errors with the list of levequests. Some “issuing npcs” are incorrect as well as the experience and gil given.

    • rofldrg

      Can you give us some specifics? There are quite a few leves in the list.

  • L

    Hello :) doesn’t work for some reason.