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Tomb Raider Video: Guide to Survival Episode #1

A new video series has been has been launched related to the upcoming Tomb Raider.  According to Square Enix, the series will explore “the decisions Lara faces as she is forced to survive.”  This video showcases Lara Croft’s “Basecamp” system...
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Hate The Boss Fights In Deus Ex: Human Revolution?

Surprise! Eidos outsourced all of the boss fights in the game to a 3rd party development team, GRIP. After watching the video above, it is no wonder why the boss battles totally polarize the rest of the game’s flow and...
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NeverDead Trailer, TGS 2011

NeverDead, the upcoming game from Rebellion Developments proves that mashing up every popular genre in the industry can actually make for an amusingly campy trailer. Speaking of cheesy dialogue, one has to wonder if the rest of the soundtrack can live...
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Two New Hawken Trailers!

Oh, Hawken. How beautiful you look. Your mechs are fast, almost Quake III: Arena fast. You look oh so promising. Please don’t fail to deliver!

Blazblue: Continuum Shift Extend Trailer Launch

First trailer for Continuum Shift Extend, the next update for the Blazblue series. New characters are promised, along with an initial PS Vita launch.  It is expected that the new version update will be offered on consoles as a free...
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Arkham City Gets Colder With New Reveal

Today’s announcement for Batman: Arkham City comes in the form of another villain being added to the roster. This game just keeps getting cooler by the minute!

Incredible DIY Wheatley “Puppet”

Youtube user Trpchakai has shown amazing skill in crafting this Wheatley puppet, which is controlled by both hand and electronic operation. Descriptions do it very little justice, so let the video speak for itself! More about it’s creation can be...
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