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Pet Food Alpha 300: 7 Years

Holy crap! Pet Food Alpha is over 7 year old! Our microphones all have gray hairs now! Tune in as we pull in Squigg and Teila from our time travel machine and talk about some of our favorite PFA moments!...
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The super delayed but not really because it was on youtube right away episode is here! Tune in as Fusionx tunes out on vacation while talking about the latest version update with Bersty and Eskalia! Podcast: Play in new window...
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Two weeks in a row?! That’s right #PFAnation the boys’ are back in ‘doulin for another round of Reives. Fusionx, Bersty and Eskalia discuss some post-humous Adoulin goodness, forum talk and more!   Podcast: Play in new window | Download