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On The Hunt Anyone remember those hidden picture games from their childhood? Hell, maybe even your adulthood? I know my mother still likes to play them on occasion. The game is a pretty simple one. You are presented with an...
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Spinning Off Falcom – a pillar company of the JRPG genre in Japan, but relatively unknown in the west until recently. Also, apparently, they are a master of creating spinoffs. While Falcom has multiple currently running series, each with their own...
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Breaking the Mold Video games are a medium where it’s easy for the creator to invent any kind of wild, crazy, fanatical world he or she wants. Unfettered by the real world, the creator is free to bring forth their vision...
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Review: World of Final Fantasy

When World of Final Fantasy was first introduced, I wasn’t quite sure what to make of it. It looked quite childish with its chibi-like art, but how would the game play? Last month I had a chance to finally try...
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Review: Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary World Tour

Hail to the King Duke Nukem – the posterboy for the video game power fantasy. A macho man spitting one-liners while splitting skulls. All the ladies want him, all the men want to be like him. Needless to say, Duke...
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Review: Superdimension Neptune vs. Sega Hard Girls

Everybody’s Doing It The Neptunia series has been one of the more intriguing (or unusual, if you rather) concepts to hit gaming in recent years. Turning the idea of console wars into a JRPG, and anthropomorphizing said consoles, along with...
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Review: Dragon Quest Builders

Initial Impressions The demo – a classic method of marketing a video game. When you’re a publisher trying to sell a new title, you can put out all the fancy posters, trailers, and point-of-sale displays that you want. However, for...
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Review: Harmonia

A Tale of Tears Many pieces of media attempt to evoke certain feelings or emotions in the person consuming it. Maybe its as simple as getting said person to empathize with its characters. Perhaps getting you to feel the same...
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