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FFXIV Fan Fest 2016 – Tokyo Keynote

FINAL FANTASY XIV Fan Festival 2016 Tokyo has officially begun! With the keynote ceremony, we’ve learned even more about the upcoming Version 4.0 expansion: Stormblood. Read on for a recap of all the fresh details.


Review: Final Fantasy XV

It’s certainly no secret that players the world over have been waiting a long time for Final Fantasy Versus XIII… I mean, Final Fantasy XV. After skipping an entire console generation, the game has finally released to eager fans who...
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FFXIV Live Letter XXXIII Outline

Wow, that was an enormous live letter! For anyone who missed the action or would like a quick English version of what went down, here’s a copy of Marko Turn & Mr. Happy’s collaboration! Read on for more!


Review: World of Final Fantasy

When World of Final Fantasy was first introduced, I wasn’t quite sure what to make of it. It looked quite childish with its chibi-like art, but how would the game play? Last month I had a chance to finally try...
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