FFXIV Content Creator Round-Up 3/5-3/11


It’s time for another Final Fantasy XIV Content Creator round-up!

Let’s see what’s been going on this week!


mrlogo32iconMaelstrom Radio

Episode 27: Boys Night (Audio) (Video)

Paul Metal and Chille join us from Moogle Go Round. We discuss news and various interviews with Yoshi P. Praise Lava Scorpion.


Episode 99 – The PvP Feast Show (Audio) (Video)

Guests: King Stefan, Avarence, & Chicken Soup

Discussion: This episode members from th EU and NA FFXIV Tournament winning teams as well as extremely seasoned PvPer Avarence comes on the show to discuss the current state of PvP. As FFXIV grows more serious about PvP, the players are starting to adopt it more than ever. We go through advice for new players, the current situation with Feast, and attempt to do it in the least toxic manner possible. Was a great discussion and hope for more like it in the future!

lbr32iconLimit Break Radio

Episode 102: Extremer Mode! (Audio) (Video)

On Today’s show the hosts dissect more Stormblood theories and content as they analyze a recent GameWatch interview with Yoshida. Do they have hope for the expansion? Is the love of the game unanimous throughout the studio? Plus, we take tons of calls today! And a contest is posed to all callers…who can come up with this sickest Nika slam? Tune in now to find out.


Episode 016 – The Perks and Pitfalls of Balmung (Part 1)

What’s the first thing that pops into your head when you hear “Balmung?” Whatever it is, you’re probably wrong! Join us and our Balmungian guests for part one of our revealing exposé on the infamous hub of FFXIV RP. Hear true stories of nights in Ul’dah’s Quicksand, some of the server’s countless in-jokes, and the magic that happens when everyone around you works together to create a collaborative story. You’ll even hear us give our in-game updates in haiku form. Featuring Brohamut and Safestsephiroth of The Crucible, with Kyria Highwind.



FFXIV WAIFU WARS – Little Ladies’ Day

wtg32iconWork To Game

FFXIV Macro 101 Guide an Introduction for Beginners (and mabye some advanced tips too)

FFXIV Gil Token, Gear Progression, and Healer DPS – Community Comments Episode 4


cru32iconThe Crucible


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