Dengeki Interview With Yoshida Regarding 4.0

Dengeki recently conducted an e-mail interview with Final Fantasy Director/Producer Naoki Yoshida. We previously posted a summary of the contents of the interview here, but have now gone on to do a full translation.

Original Interview: Dengeki

Dengeki: Will adjustments to the sub stats that have been touched on previously such as Parry and Accuracy be in Patch 4.0? How will they change?

Yoshida: There will be changes to parts of the main stats and many of the sub stats like Parry, Accuracy, Block Rate, and Piety. Because this kind of explanation requires a lot of detail, I want to use a Letter From the Producer Live as a chance to go into more detail. Please wait for more details until then.


Dengeki: Rare Eastern animals such as the Lesser Panda and Tigers appear to exist but will we meet the real deal?

Yoshida: With the adventuring continent being different, I think a lot of things within the monster ecosystem will also have a lot of differences. Lesser Panda’s actually are relatively ferocious but in the world of Eorzea, hitting those cute panda’s would be kind of …awkward right? Please see for yourself what kind of animals or monsters you may encounter!


Dengeki: Will there be any new company projects that take the place of airships or use it as a means of tackling new content? (Since swimming and diving has been announced… next we can make Submarines?!)

Yoshida: There are plans for a large update in the 4.X series for Free Company Projects. Submarines could be a possible choice, however, for what will become of it, for now just use your imagination while waiting (laugh).


Dengeki: Soon after the launch of 4.0, of course it seems many players will try Samurai and Red Mage- but for tanks and healers, will there be an incentive for them to continuing playing those jobs or something like that?

Yoshida: For tanks we have an elite mount already being prepared. However, as I said during the Keynote Speech, looking at the data from Heavensward, most tanks and healers did not just suddenly play a DPS job. A few weeks after the release of 4.0 there will be new Allagan Tomestones added and from the fact that raids will open afterwards I think that at first, mostly everyone will play as their main job.

Of course, after the main job is maxed I believe people will level new jobs, but as of now with Deep Dungeon and FATEs, I think solely leveling through instance dungeons will not happen. Instead, I think Deep Dungeon will be the most over-crowded…


Dengeki:  With the addition of 2 DPS jobs, particularly the leveling from 50-60, will likely have a lack of tanks and healers. With regards to that, are there any measures (Duty Roulette: Leveling bonus increases, methods of leveling outside dungeons, corresponding level difference EXP mitigation etc.) being considered?

Yoshida: As mentioned above, with increasing the EXP from FATEs within Heavensward areas and Deep Dungeon, you can level up very fast, so I think it’s best to not fixate so much on instance dungeons.  Right now the most effective way to level is Deep Dungeon…


Dengeki: Could you please tell us about the four gods you can see on the map (Seiryu, Suzaku, Genbu, Byakko)? Will they differ from the Primals?

Yoshida: What this all means, or if it has any meaning at all, I’ll leave to your imagination. Even outside of those, the new world map appears to have several well placed gimmicks this time around. For those interested in the world lore, we would love for you to think about what they could mean, the speculation makes us happy!


Dengeki: In the new city (Kugane), will there be a new corresponding Grand Company or organization? (Can we join it?)

Yoshida: I spoke about it during the Keynote Speech also but, while Kugane is a port city belonging to Hingashi, Hingashi itself is currently under an isolation policy. What’s happening right now with the country of Hingashi will be told to some extent in Stormblood, so please wait until then. With that said, there is no formal Grand Company-like group in Kugane. In any case, there is a group, but nothing which the player can belong to.


Dengeki: According to the internet, the Warriors of Light are afraid of new teleport costs…. Will moving between continents be expensive?

Yoshida: Of course, in its own way, moving between continents will cost a considerable amount of Gil …but be that as it may, we are adjusting it right now so it does not exceed 999 Gil.


Dengeki: Tell us about the Samurai Limit Break. Perhaps it’s “Midare Setsugekka…!?”

Yoshida: Showcasing a portion of the new jobs limit breaks will most likely occur with the release of the new benchmark I think.  So please wait for that. At any rate, to keep it under wraps as to whether or not its Limit Break, Midare Setsugekka, does exist (laugh).


Dengeki: Together with Samurai what are the chances that Gilgamesh will reappear!?

Yoshida: Rumor has it that a skilled “Yojimbo” is in the East or something like that… Come to think of it, we haven’t seen Greg in a long time huh. I sure hope he’s doing well.