GameWatch Interview with Yoshida Reveals More Details on 4.0.

GameWatch has released a new interview with the Producer and Director of FFXIV, Naoki Yoshida. In the interview, they discuss various new aspects that are to come in the new expansion, Stormblood.

For the original interview in Japanese, click here.

In regards to the new jobs and balance

GameWatch: Two new jobs, Samurai and Red Mage will be implemented. All of the DPS jobs up until now had some kind of a support skill in their arsenal. Is that not the case for Samurai? 

Yoshida: With the battle system revamp, we will be removing the additional skills and introduce a new system called “Role-shared actions”. Not limiting the question to only Samurai; other DPS’ support actions will also be looked into. Many actions that are useful and shared at the moment will be put into the role shared action category. Therefore, it’s better to talk about role shared actions, rather than only Samurai.


GameWatch: This time, you will implement only DPS jobs, and give emphasis on overall population balance rather than the population balance in different role categories. What was the base of your approach in Stormblood?

Yoshida: It has been around 2 years since the release of Heavensward, and the population for different roles hasn’t changed. For example, players who played tank as their main job, ultimately stayed with that role. We think the same will happen in Stormblood with the 2 new DPS. People who played DPS as their main might change it into the new DPS jobs. When talking about sub jobs, it might be different though. We plan on adding more merits when playing tank roles in Instanced Dungeons. As for the leveling process itself, with the addition of the Deep Dungeon, etc., players have much more choice, so I think that will be more popular at the start of Stormblood.


The storyFFXIV_PUB_FANFESTIVAL_2017_Frankfurt_11

GameWatch: Who’s the Samurai guy in the trailer? Is he the master of the Samurai guild?

 Yoshida: His name is Gosetsu and he will appear in the 3.5 part 2 main story scenario. To find out if he’s a Samuari or what role he has in the story, please play the quests. However, he isn’t a guildmaster (laughter)


GameWatch: In the visual art, the only familiar faces that are there are Yugiri and Raubahn. Will we see a completely new cast in the new areas?  

Yosida: Unlike Ishgard, which was talked about in the main scenario from 2.0, Ala Mhigo and Doma are under the Empire’s rule, and in one way are isolated from the rest of the areas. So in the new areas, you will meet a lot of new characters and will see completely new stories. It’s true that there will be a lot of new characters, but the members of  the Scions, Alphinaud and Alisaie will still have part in the story. Keep an eye on which new characters will appear in Stormblood. We also plan on introducing some of them a bit at a time until the release date.


GameWatch: Are there any other countries except for Doma, Hingashi and the Azim Steppes in Othard?

Yoshida: There are other aspects to Orthard that we haven’t announced, and all of them won’t become clear with the release of Stormblood either. They might appear in the 4.x series, though. But first, be sure to explore Stormblood thoroughly before that!


GameWatch: When looking at the map, the continent that will be implemented in 4.0 has much more surface area than Aldenard. Does that mean that the combined surface area of all the newly implemented areas will be comparable to the surface area of Ishgard and ARR areas combined? Also, will we freely be able to teleport between the continents?

Yoshida: The combined surface area will be about the same as that of Heavensward, but there will be diving and swimming and there are still unannounced areas, so the scale is quite big. And of course, you’ll be able to teleport. But, watch out for the teleport costs… (laugh)


GameWatch: We can see Genbu, Byakko, Seiryu, and Hooh on the map. Will they appear in a series of bosses like the Warring Triad?  (Editor’s Note: Hooh is most likely referencing Suzaku)

Yoshida: If there’s any connection… well, that I’ll leave to your imagination at the moment. We also have put new aspects into the updated parts of the map, so players who like lore, please do speculate and discuss.


GameWatch: The city of Kugane seems as huge as Ishgard. Will it be split into multiple areas?

Yoshida: We have split the big cities into two areas up until now, which made navigation and movements quite a pain. This time we have created only one zone, while maintaining the size. We also had some fun with the city, so when you’re done with adventuring, be sure to go around the city and look for those aspects (laugh).



GameWatch: Will Omega be split into Normal and Savage? Please tell me more about the basic aspects and differences from the current raids.

Yoshida: After thorough discussing we decided to stay with the Normal-Savage formula. However, with the release of new jobs, there’s now a higher chance that the items that drop directly won’t be for the jobs of the party members, so we plan on making some changes for the drop system. We also plan on implementing something for players who have finished the 4th tier of the raid in the odd numbered patches. What we will implement exactly, we will tell you at a later time.


GameWatch: There was no talk about the PvP content in the Opening Keynotes. Will the PvP content for Stormblood that you talked about not be implemented in the 4.x series?  

Yoshida: We are currently developing the content. I avoided talking about it in the Opening Keynotes as it would require a lot of time to explain due to it involving the revamp of all PvP aspects. However, due to the big cost and the scale of the content, it most likely won’t be released in 4.0, but at a later time. We plan on talking about it at some point before the release of the expansion.


  • Kyle ulitsky

    Wow keeping the normal savage is just a bad idea no reason to even keep normal and it ruins the fights and the suprize and the story.

    • Daniel Sweat

      you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about.

      • Cody O’Day


        • Daniel Sweat

          No? Been playing since 2.2, have seen plenty of normal and savage content. Saying “normal and casual is a bad idea” is just evidence of someone that has no idea what’s good for the health of the game.

        • White Ranger v2

          I can agree with you to an extent. Having normal and savage content is healthy for the game. However, ever since Heavensward first released, savage content has been getting easier and easier. It’s to a point where the people that actually raid hardcore are upset over it. While I do commend Square for trying to make it more accessible to casuals, savage content is meant for the ones who actually care about raiding and enjoy the difficulty it brings. It’s kind of at a point where the normal and casual gameplay is outweighing the hardcore and stepping into the territory of hardcore…The game is making it healthier for the casuals but not for the hardcore and that’s where the problem lies. If people want to play the game casually, then that’s fine. However, they shouldn’t step into the hardcore players content and expect content to be scaled down for them so that they can clear it as well. Just my 2 cents.

        • Daniel Sweat

          The problem lies in Savage content being made easier because previously, the community at large complained that it was too hard. This was in part due to the fact that Coil only had one difficulty: extremely hard. Splitting the content into two ensures that the massive majority of your playerbase can actually experience it. The “hardcore” are a vocal minority in comparison to the rest of the playerbase. They do not account for a large sum of the subscribers. Of course they should have content that appeals to them, excluding them is not the way to go, but excluding the part of the playerbase where the money is would be even worse.

          At the end of the day, Normal/Savage split is healthy for FFXIV as a whole. Savage content could maybe stand to be made more challenging, but understand that it’s niche in the first place. Normal mode serves as content that everyone can play, not just the ones that can afford to obsess over a single video game for hours upon hours multiple days per week.

        • White Ranger v2

          The ones that complained about the difficulty were mainly the casuals. Listening to and siding with mainly the casuals isn’t truly what’s good for the health of the game….They have never truly excluded the casual player base at all whereas they are excluding the hardcore player base in order to appease to the casuals. Even without raiding, casuals could still be highly geared by other means.

          Yes, Normal and Savage is fine. However, Savage shouldn’t be easy just so casuals can access it better since they complain. That would be like hardcore players playing through story or Gatherer/Crafter content and complaining to make it tougher because it’s too easy…If it’s niche, then it shouldn’t be touched so much for the casuals. It’s an easy way to lose out on even more money since people are going to leave because of it. While casuals get happier with the game, hardcore players get more disgruntled….it’s what causes the community to separate even more.

        • Cody O’Day

          To be frank you can’t base the health of the game on how many subs it has and honestly, the reason we are in the state we are IS because of how many subs it has.

          You know you’d like to think those millions of dollars are getting funnelled back into XIV but the reality is that the majority of it isn’t.

          This game is a giant casual themepark of people who sub and unsub during patches and login for the latest flavour of glamour.

          To me that isn’t a healthy game.

          To me thats us actual raiders and oldschool MMO’rs being fucked over for the sake of profits.

          This game could be healthy with 50k players. We would probably see better content (If those 50k players were raiders).

          You know and like this is so blatantly evident just look at the content they give us.

          %90 of the “New content” we get is all just a scam to get you to re-run old and out dated content for the sake of new and returning players (the casuals who unsub every patch while we continue paying and playing)

          Relic, Wonderous Tails, 24 man (making you re-do the old ones)

          Everything is a god damn incentive to go back and help do this crap.

          Everything is designed to maximise their profits. Very little is actually designed with the idea of fun in mind.

          Can anybody at all say “Wow Wonderous Tails, the Relic Chain, Tomestones, re running and wiping to Ozma sure is fun”

        • Daniel Sweat

          This is an incredibly cynical view of things. Also, 50,000 TOTAL players? Across all servers, all datacenters, all regions? You’re telling me you think the game could survive and thrive, releasing hardcore raid content making 750k a month AT ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM?

          You have no idea what you’re talking about.