New FFXIV Patch 3.55a Images

Final Fantasy XIV’s Patch 3.55a lands next week on Tuesday, February 28th.

Arriving with it is the first 24 man trial, Proto-Ultima which fans have been able to try out at the last three Fan Fests. Also being added will be an update to the Anima Weapon storyline, new Feast maps, and the Zhloe Aliapoh custom deliveries quests. You can see more details about the updates coming in Patch 3.55a in our write up of the Frankfurt Fan Fest Live Letter here.

In addition to the content mentioned above, drop rates for Sophic and Demonic Lanner Whistles  will be increased, Garo gear will be obtainable from the Calamity Salvager NPCs, and the Abes/High Summoner glamour equipment from Fan Fest will be obtainable.

  • Brian

    Very much looking forward to getting my hands on with that new FEAST Map :)

    • Alhanalem

      mhm. I distinctly like the lack of curved walls that make casting on kiting healers impossible ;p