NIS America Bringing Ys VIII to the West


Update: Ken Berry, Executive Vice President at Marvelous USA, issued a quick statement concerning the Ys series move to NISA:

“Nihon Falcom simply made a business decision and we wish our friends at NIS America success with publishing Ys 8.”

Original article follows:

Earlier this evening, NIS America held a press event to outline release details for a few known upcoming games (such as Danganronpa V3), along with announcing some others acquisitions. In that “some others” category came a relative surprise, Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana.

The company announced it would be bringing the eighth title in the Ys series to both North America and Europe for PS4, Vita, and (another surprise announcement) PC. The release is set for this year, although no specific date has been announced.

Something of a shock to some people, though (including myself), is the fact that NISA is handling the localization. Xseed Games has had a close relationship with Ys creator Falcom for the past few years, having caught the western world up with the series by bringing over both modern entries and past ones that got skipped over for localization.

Shortly after the announcement, one of Xseed’s Localization Producers, Brittany Avery, tweeted out that “…we [Xseed] didn’t give it up willingly…” Gleaning from this, it’s possible that Falcom itself made the ultimate decision to move to NISA, although we don’t know for certain at the moment. We have reached out to Xseed for further comment.

Regardless of the publisher, though, it looks like western Ys fans will soon have the chance to play through the newest entry!