FFXIV Content Creator Round-Up 1/28-2/4


It’s time for our third Final Fantasy XIV Content Creator round-up! We’ve broken up the categories a bit this week, and will continue to do so going forward, organizing the content by type. We currently have Shows (includes audio and video shows/podcasts), Video (YouTube content), and Written which currently introduces The Crucible and leaves room  for any other regular written FFXIV content!

Let’s see what’s been going on this week!


 lbr32iconLimit Break Radio

Episode 98 – Sloppy Seconds (Audio) (Video)

Today on Limit Break Radio special guests Lukile and Orange Caramel from The Speakers Network join the crew to talk about their YouTube series The Rise and Fall of Final Fantasy XIV. Plus, the hosts go in on Patch 3.5 for the second time, this time with the spoiler ban being lifted. Every single hosts has a different idea on where the story is going and why. Tune in to hear their reactions and see how your own theories line up with Limit Break Radio.


Episode 94 – NEST Group & Casual Raiding (Audio) (Video)

Guests: Drakanous, Jesse, and Corey
Discussion: This episode we brought on three members of the NEST static to discuss their content and style of raiding. They have been known for quite awhile for their hilarious videos highlighting their antics in raids. Was definitely enjoyable to sit with them and go into detail how NEST begun and their perception on the state of FFXIV. Please enjoy!

mgr32iconMoogle-Go-Round Radio

Episode 20 – Sloppy Spoilers 

This is a Spoilercast, you have been warned! This week Paul and Chille are joined by some random guy named Klauss from another Radio show Down in Phoenix, was it? Besides talking about food, these 3 gents go through the story lines from patch 3.5, and give their reactions to what has transpired. While a few plot lines have been cleared up, a few loose threads still hang out there for us to speculate about as we continue into the second half of the Far Edge of Fate.


 wtg32iconWork To Game

FFXIV Tanking 101 Guide – Tanking for Beginners

Tanking in the world of Final Fantasy XIV is rewarding and really easy, however, many people shy away from it because there is a stigma that it can be overwhelming. This guide hopes to dispel that fear, to help teach you about the different tanks, and help introduce you to some starting tips and tricks to help make you a great tank.


 cru32iconThe Crucible

Issue #005: February 2017 Cover

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