Arnie Roth Confirms Susan Calloway For New FFXIV Music

During one of today’s Distant Worlds concert in Newark, New Jersey, Conductor Arnie Roth confirmed that Susan Calloway is working on new music for Final Fantasy XIV.

This comes after our earlier post, discovering that Calloway was in Chicago, where Arnie Roth’s recording studio is located, the same day that Nobuo Uematsu was in Japan recording the theme for Stormblood.

We always made the strong asumption that Susan would be involved with the next expansion theme for Final Fantasy XIV, but now we’ve heard the words from Arnie Roth himself.

Those attending the upcoming EU Fan Fest in Frankfurt next month could be the first people to hear the song performed as Nobuo Uematsu, Susan Calloway, and Distant Worlds concert pianist Benyamin Nuss will all be in attendance.