Uematsu Hits The Recording Studio For Stormblood; Calloway Could Be Involved

Yesterday, there was a post to the FFXIV Instagram that showed Final Fantasy series composer Nobuo Uematsu in the recording studio for the upcoming theme for Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood.


The big mystery around the track is whether or not singer Susan Calloway will perform on it and continue to be the voice behind Final Fantasy XIV’s main themes.

That mystery, may have finally been solved via Susan Calloway’s Twitter account, with a tweet mentioning that she was having brunch in Chicago. For those that don’t know, Chicago is home to AWR Music- and the studio of Distant Worlds conductor Arnie Roth.

When we talked to Susan Calloway in March last year, she told us that Answers was recorded remotely in Arnie’s Chicago studio. Uematsu and the rest of the Square Enix team were Skyped in.

More recently, we caught up with Susan at the Las Vegas Fan Fest where we asked her about a possible future track for Final Fantasy XIV:

Fusionx: Is there anything you’re working on for Final Fantasy XIV in the future?

Susan Calloway: I’m sure we’ll be doing more stuff. I can’t officially say anything, but there’s lots of chitchat about it. I think having such an amazing response from you guys, from the fans, has made a huge impact on that. I’d love to be a part of it as long as they’ll have me and as long as you guys want me to keep singing.

While this isn’t 100% definitive proof that Susan Calloway will be performing Stormblood… it’s looking that like may very well be the case!

Those that want to hear that track may not have to wait long either- Nobuo Uematsu, Susan Calloway, and Distant Worlds pianist Benyamin Nuss will all be at the Frankfurt Fan Festival where it seems likely that they could perform the theme for Stormblood.