In Photos: 2016 FFXIV Tokyo Fan Festival with Shishikura

Happy Friday, Friday the 13th! We’re 13 days into 2017, and I have yet to…upload the pictures?! That’s kinda scary, to be honest!

But fear no further! Read on to see the pictures taken during the Fan Festival!

Shishikura, reporting in! The two days we spent at Fan Fest seemed so long ago, but I never got the chance to share these shots I took from the event. You can blame work and the New Years holiday. In between carrying a bunch of camera gear and steering around massive crowds of people, there were many photos taken. Rather than slamming over one thousand shots into a gallery for everyone to scroll endlessly in, I decided to pick out a few to go over, and took out parts that were thoroughly covered during the live stream. But fear not, I saved some of the best for last from The Primals concert!

Stage Presentations / GARO X FFXIV / Keita Amemiya


I realize a lot of these shots were already covered by the live stream, but a few are nice to have anyways! Figured we’d get some close-ups of that armor!


Dedicated cosplayers out and about in the crowd in full costume. I already have a hard time with a camera, camera bag and man purse (murse?), so I really appreciate these folks who go through the entire day in makeup, wigs, heavy costumes and high temperatures! Aside from the few shots I may have posted on Twitter, there would have been more if navigating the crowd was…feasible at times.

The Floor

IMG_4418 Here Come dat boi

Big Sight was a nice venue, and I’m surprised they managed to fit that many people there! For major events on stage and the concerts, it got really packed! We also went around to see the Sponsor booths, where FFXIV was demoed, and took a few shots of the floor events as well. I decided not to take photos of the sponsor booth girls though, because it’s weird. Somewhere in there, I got a quick, blurry snap of Yoshida-san stepping out of the signing area to personally greet a young fan and their family in the crowd. Also pictures from before/after the interview with Koji Fox! I’m really glad to have met him formally! We even ran into members of the Angered FC!

Contest/Raffle Prizes

Here’s a few shots of the Raffle Prizes, ranging from PC accessories, Video cards, headsets, a monitor, laptop and two small form factor desktops!



The Primals!

I really regret not using the Press benefit of being able to go beyond the boundary fence… We didn’t know we could actually go beyond until we saw non-Square-Enix staff running in front of the stage during The Primals Concert snapping photos! But we managed to ask a staff coordinator for permission and I was allowed to play Frogger™ with the giant streaming camera and other press personnel. I still have no idea what Square Enix does with some of the photos/footage they use when their staff records it. I saw a few running around with Go-Pros on a selfie stick! Also, with the low light conditions, it does get blurry at parts, so forgive me! Without further ado, let’s get close and personal with The Primals!

Wow. That was quite more than I anticipated to post online. There were more, though!

Closing Ceremony

There were more photos after all! I couldn’t just end it without these shots. Like in Vegas, the closing ceremony got pretty emotional. Yoshida-san joked that he’s just got sweat in his eyes. It’s been a great Festival, and to celebrate it in style after a concert really tops the cake. Not to mention, the Final Fantasy franchise will be turning 30 years old in a few weeks! What a wild ride! It’s been a pleasure to be able to go to the FFXI Tokyo Fan Festival back in 2016!

 And that wraps it up for a visual tour of my experience at the Tokyo Final Fantasy XIV 2016 Fan Festival. I hope you enjoyed these shots!

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