Lorecraft: The Far Edge Of The Bend Of Time

Here we are again! It’s been… oh wow ok, a long time since the last lorecraft!

With the release of the trailer for Patch 3.5 The Far Edge of Fate, there were a couple things that stood out to me, and, compounded with some discussion from as early back as the Las Vegas Fan Fest, compelled me to whip another lorecraft!

For those that don’t know, Lorecraft is our series of posts for when we (usually just myself) have a “light-bulb above head” moment. Sometimes they come true, sometimes they don’t- it’s just fun speculation so please keep that in mind while reading~

Since the premiere of the Stormblood trailer, people have been speculating on a lot of things- who’s the woman in red? Is it Yda? Is it her sister? Is she a Dancer or just a Monk? All very valid questions. However, I want to put a magnifying glass on the other part of the trailer that people have been talking about. Why does the Warrior of Light look older?

As we can see, his appearance from Heavensward to Stormblood changes quite a bit more drastically than when we went from A Realm Reborn into Heavensward.



The Warrior of Light looks a little older, and is certainly more battle hardened than he’s appeared previously. He’s also apparently visited an Aesthetician at some point.

So the first point here: the Warrior of Light is now noticeably older in Stormblood.

Which leads us into…

Stormblood Raid: The Bend of Time- Omega


At the Tokyo Fan Fest it was announced that Omega would finally be coming to Final Fantasy XIV after being mentioned way back in the 2.x storyline. Most interesting however is the title for his raid “The Bend of Time” I’ll admit, my first thought was “wow a raid with another time manipulating robot!” But where Alexander was a Primal, and able to see the impact his actions would have- Omega is more closely related to the Ultima Weapon- which could be piloted and therefore controlled. From the new Patch 3.5 trailer, we can see that Nero is still on the path to unearthing Omega- and eventually does with what appears to be our aid.

Second point: Omega can be controlled and can bend time.

During his time at the Las Vegas Fan Fest, Naoki Yoshida sat down with a few Japanese media outlets, during which he talked a little about the Stormblood trailer:

The timeline in the game is still currently in the 3.x series, so if you think about it, the trailer actually showing the future is some sense. If you compare both, you might be able to speculate on what is about to happen.

Speculate? Don’t mind if we do!

I believe there is a chance, that at the end of 3.5, when all is said and done, someone could use Omega to literally push us forward in the timeline.

If we look at the artwork released for Omega, we can see that he appears to be passing through a portal of sorts. Is this some sort of time gate? If so, where does it lead? More importantly, what was the original purpose of Omega? We know that the Ultima Weapon was created to combat the Primal threat, but if Omega can truly bend time, why was that something the Allagans needed? What did they intend to actually use it for?

Could it be possible that Omega has ties to one of the first mysteries of Final Fantasy XIV- the “Primalsplosion” during the Battle of Silvertear Skies?

We got word from Oda-san a couple of years ago when we asked him about the explosion that seemingly released all of the Primals into the world:

Fusionx: Lately we’ve been hearing a lot about the Battle of Silvertear Skies, but there’s one thing we’re still not really sure on…

Koji: Here it comes!

Fusionx: Agrius hit the ground and we saw primals flying out of the explosion. Was it literal? Metaphorical? What was going on there? Has the time come for us to know?

Koji: I’m going to give you a direct answer from Oda-san:

Why do Calamities occur on Hydaelyn?
Why was Midgardsormr protecting this lake?
What was beneath it?
3.x! You will find out the answer.


We’ve been told that Omega currently resides somewhere underneath Cartenau, but one of the shots we see of him in the 3.5 trailer clearly shows him coming out of water. While there are no signs that this body of water is Silvertear Lake, could it be possible that there’s a connection between Omega and the Aetherial Seal that Midgardsormr was sworn to protect?

Something we’ll also be seeing soon is the return of the Heart of Sabik- the power source for the Ultima Weapon. While speaking to Koji last year, we brought up the Heart.

The Heart of Sabik seemed very important, but it was never mentioned again. Is it out of play?

KF: It’s gonna come back. And before the expansion. That’s all you get!

Oh and here’s a fun fact: Sabik is the name of a star in the constellation Ophiuchus. We’ve talked already about how the Ascians seem pulled from the lore of Final Fantasy XII (and maybe we’ll get more into that with Return to Ivalice in 4.x) and each of those Ascians (or Scions in Ivalice) are paired with a zodiac sign. Ophiuchus as it turns out, is assigned to none-other than Zodiark.

Well then! That adds some fun potential for even further speculation! I’ve already mentioned that Omega could potentially push us forward in the timeline but hey, let’s get crazy now shall we?

What if Omega becomes powered by the Heart of Sabik and this is all another part of the Ascian playbook? The Ascians played a part in assisting Gaius during A Realm Reborn with the Ultima Weapon, it would make sense that they’re looking to bring Omega into the picture now as well- using the Heart of Sabik.

However, while the Ascians seem to have a decent grasp of what the Heart’s true abilities are, the Allag, who constructed Ultima and Omega were still uncertain of its full potential. What is its actual power and purpose? Is it simply a giant battery? Or is it capable of doing a whole bunch of stuff… like absorbing primal essences and bending time without requiring the actual mechanics of Ultima and Omega?

If that’s the case, then after the Ultima Weapon was destroyed in the final battle of 2.x, it would stand to reason that its power source, the Heart of Sabik was still present. What are the chances that upon the final explosion where we see Gaius engulfed in flames, the Heart of Sabik activates, bending time and relocating Gaius, ultimately saving his life. That’s right kids! Gaius van Baelsar is alive and… well, likely horribly scarred.



“… stop this nonsense already!” you might think, “Gaius is dead! The Encyclopaedia confirms it!”. Indeed, you’re correct, the book does state this.

“In the end, however, he died a soldier’s death within the walls of Castrum Meridianum ere he could see his fifty-seventh summer.”

As we now know however, the Encyclopaedia is written by a group of multiple Eorzean (see: in-game) scholars that, while quite knowledgeable, may not necessarily know everything as confirmed in our recent interview with Koji Fox:

However, because, again, it is written by a person in the world… and scholars, you know, they have their interpretations of things and “I studied this, it must be this!” but they’re not always right. And so there’s stuff in the Lore Book as well that still is open to interpretation. We wanted to leave that. We didn’t want it to make it 100% percent definitive, but wanted to make it mostly definitive. Because, again, it is the scholars of Eorzea getting together, putting all of their information together and “This is what we believe!”

While we’re already at it, let’s go even further down the rabbit hole shall we?

While asking around about the White Griffin in 3.4, we have a couple of quotes talking about who he is underneath that mask.

Some say he’s hardly got a face, what with all the scars. Others reckon he’s been marked for death by the Empire, an’ that they’d send a bloody legion if they knew he was here.

To hear people speak of him, the Griffin sounds like a man in his middle years. But if that’s the case, just what has he been playing at for the past two decades? If he’s so devoted to the cause, why has he waited until now to do something about it? Unless, of course…he hasn’t…

So… a man that hardly has a face, covered in scars who is also assumed to be marked for death by the Empire. He sounds like a man in his middle years, but has, for some reason, waited until now to make his play.

The Black Wolf, saved from death by the Heart of Sabik has been transported ahead in time and has taken on the persona of the White Griffin to reclaim a city that used to be under his control. We see Gaius engulfed in the Meridianum explosion, which, if saved, would have still left him horribly scarred. At the time he was 56 and thus is a middle aged man who would surely have the Empire on him if they knew he was alive.

So let’s recap!

Ultima’s power source is actually the same object that gives Omega the ability to bend time. It saved Gaius from his explosion in Castrum Meridianum, moved him forward in time, and he assumed the role of the White Griffin. Now, prior to Stormblood, the Warrior of Light will also fall prey to the Heart of Sabik’s time bending abilities, ageing him and moving the timeline forward into the storyline of 4.0. Also somewhere in there… Omega is somehow also tied into the Aetherial Seal under Mor Dhona.

Do you think these could be possible? Or do you have your own theories? Share them below and we’ll find out who’s right in a couple short weeks!




  • Bri Anderson

    The thought that comes to mind is… Hydalaen created other worlds with her power with sealing away Zodiark… if the heart is linked to him, it’s NOT impossible that Gaius died AND lived… fractured in a way not unlike the world was. A version of him that somehow survived.

    We already know that the concept of timelines exists, even if there’s only one TRUE one… and that Alexander was able to calculate a variety of them, seeing over and over how the world would end, and the way it might be saved.

    And lastly, it’s possible for someone to “survive” past their death. Think to how Bahamut had taken souls and tempered them, keeping them in a physical form. If ANYONE knows a way to do that without being a Primal, it is likely the Ascians. In such a case, he might not even know he died.

  • tom thomas

    I do have 1 minor thought:

    Gaius was betrayed by tyre Ascians. And was even panicked when the weapon started casting Ultima. He was about to be sacrificed. Why would he deal with them again? White (elidibus) or otherwise?