State of the Escape (and Upcoming Maintenance)


Greetings everyone!

It has, apparently, been a few years since I wrote one of these posts.  The last one was in early 2014 (and before that was early 2012 and late 2010). As I said last time: “A small look back, maybe a medium look forward… that sort of thing.”

When we last looked in 2014,  we had more 25,000 pages of content from more than 350,000 edits in the Final Fantasy XIV wiki.  We now have more than 75,000 pages of content from more than 679,000 edits! We’ve been continuing work on our Final Fantasy XI wiki as well, and, even more exciting,  recently launched a new Final Fantasy XV wiki. It has been an eventful few years – and we’re not slowing down! The FFXIV wiki has kept pace with the explosion of content from Heavensward, and we are anxiously looking forward to playing – and documenting – the conclusion of Heavensward starting with the first part of Patch 3.5 this month and then of course moving into Stormblood later this year.

Later this month, Aetheryte Radio will go live with its 100th episode (timing TBA) and next month, we’re planning to have staff on the ground in Frankfurt, Germany for the last of three FFXIV Fan Fests that Gamer Escape will have covered while being in attendance!

In addition, we have plans in the near future (exact timing TBA) to conduct large scale maintenance on during which time we will be revamping our look somewhat and changing our hosting solution – all in an effort to provide a more integrated and faster site. It has been a long time coming, and is of such a large scale move that it will very likely require ongoing tweaks and styling changes even after we are live, but we’re finally confident that we will be able to make the move and get everything onto the new system. Some details:


We will still be using WordPress as a platform, but we will be changing our layout to one that provides loads of flexibility and has some additional features that we have been looking for. Most importantly, the outer portions of the blog skin will now carry over to the wikis – meaning that while browsing in any of our wikis, you can quickly and easily see the recently posted articles, recent tweets, recent comments, etc.


Due to the nature of some of the maintenance we’ll be conducting, after the move all registered users will need to reset their passwords on the Wiki (via the “Forget Password?” option) before being able to log in. If you are a registered user of any of our wikis, please take this time to go onto the Final Fantasy XIV Wiki (regardless of the wiki you actively use or edit) and log in, go into your preferences, and scroll down and make sure that your e-mail is up to date – or click here for the shortcut.  

Other than this, all wiki content will be copied over during the maintenance/move. While the content is all preserved, we expect the wikis to require some style tweaking post-transition. Since most of our wiki pages utilize templates, we expect that we will be able to make such changes in relatively short order, but ask that if you see something that looks terrible after a few days have passed that you let us know. Which brings us to…


This maintenance will see the end of operation for our forums. When we started out in 2010, the forums were full of players excited about the, then-recently-announced Final Fantasy XIV.  Since then, the opening of the official forums and other strong discussion-based communities like /r/ffxiv, have drawn discussion away from our forums.  Because of the inactivity, we’ve made the decision to shut them down. We’re cool with this, and we want to thank those of you who have been an active part of our forum discussion over the years.

While written discussions have moved away, we still actively discuss the games we cover, the website, and a host of other interesting stuff on the Gamer Escape Discord. We have started up a support channel there for so that everyone can jump into if you have questions about anything on the website. Someone is usually active on chat at all times, and even if not, you can leave a message in there easily for us to see. You can also reach out to us via our Contact Page, which contains contact information and also a discussion/comment section below which is monitored.


Thanks for everyone’s anticipated patience with the above changes. We’re excited about giving the site a bit of a face-lift both in terms of its look and functions. As we have said many times in the past, at our core we’re a small group of passionate gamers who rely on similarly like-minded volunteers to make this site what it is today. The strength of this community has made this a truly fun journey to be on.