Stormblood: Everything We Know


Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood has been announced!

We’ll be updating this post with new information as we learn more about the upcoming expansion through the Fan Festival events.

RELEASE DATE: June 20th, 2017
Pre-orders start January 24th 2017


The camera moves through mist as we see a towering statue carved into the side of a cliff, an alter to Rhalgr lies at its base. As we move up, we’re greeted with waterfalls on either side of the monument with a lone figure meditating on the outreached hand of the statue. The camera pans around the hand as we see a woman in red, dancing around as she practices her technique.

The camera moves back to the man, who we now recognize as the Warrior of Light. The woman leaps into the air and attempts to land a kick from the side. Seemingly still in meditation, the WoL raises his hand to block the attack as they booth leap into the air and land across from each other in the palm of the statues’s hand.

The two  spar with each other, their blows hitting harder. It’s not long before we see the pulses of energy emitting from their hits, making the water in a some bucket below ripple as a member of the Ala Mhigan resistance loads a canon. As he looks up, you can see the air pulsing with each blow exchanged from the two warriors.

The two leap apart, the Warrior of Light with a blue glow, the Woman with a red glow as they charge back at each other.

Nobuo Uematsu will be doing the main theme for Stormblood.


Collector’s Edition


Red Mage-

Job Type: Extra (No Base Class)
Starting Level:
50 (Tentative)
DPS (Ranged, Magic)
Rapier + Magicked Crystal Medium (Tentative Name)
Main Attribute:

As per tradition, the concept art and in-game renders feature the Job-Specific Equipment. The main hand and off-hand will be a single weapon, not discrete items.

Red magic is a hybrid of white and black magicks, while the rapier will deliver melee attacks. Rapid positioning between ranged and melee will be accomplished by an action to alleviate the constant need for movement. In battle, red mage will use chainspell to build up magickal power, leading into a melee assault that is capped off by unleashing the stored energy in a single barrage.

The next job has been teased with a Spiderman shirt.

Square Enix said on twitter that there will only be two new jobs introduced with Stormblood before quickly re-doing the tweet. Confirmation of only two jobs? Or a mistake?


System Changes

  • PlayStation 3 support is ending.
    • There will be an upgrade campaign.
  • The game will continue to support 32bit OS- but Yoshida would really like you to upgrade your PC’s to 64bit
  • Level cap is being increased to 70
  • Inventory space will be increasing for players (this includes the armory chest as well)
  • Skill system overhaul
    • class skills to be regrouped and shared by roles instead of jobs
  • Reassessment of unused/ineffective actions
  • Adding new UI elements for Jobs
    • Blood of the Dragon given as an example- something so you don’t have to keep looking at the buff icon’s timer
  • New battle system


  • not all bodies of water are accessible
  • auto switch to swim mode upon entering an accessible body of water
  • walk (breast stroke), sprint (crawl)
  • only flying mounts can swim
  • available in limited ARR areas like Costa Del Sol
  • Movement is slightly slower than walking/running
  • No combat while swimming
  • No loading times when switching to swim mode


  • Only in select bodies of water
  • No loading times when moving to dive mode
  • No need to worry about drowning (endless diving magically enabled)
  • All flying mounts can dive
  • Diving only in 4.0 areas
  • No battles during diving
  • NPC interactions and gathering possible
  • New gathering locations (especially for fishers)
  • Diving unlocked via a special quest

New Beastmen

The Ananta
Primal- Lakshmi, the Lady of Bliss

  • Inhabit the mountains near Ala Mhigo
  • Solely made up of females
  • Oppressed by the Garleans
  • Have existed since the time of the Allagans
  • known for their skill in spell and gemcraft


  • New areas- the same size if not bigger than areas in 3.0
  • New Primals
  • New Dungeons
  • High End Raid
    • Story, Normal, and Savage difficulty
    • It will be very “Final Fantasy”
  • New Alliance Raid

Raid- The Bend of Time – Omega


The story of Omega will continue on in Patch 3.5

Alliance Raid- Return to Ivalice


Guest creators-

Yasumi Matsuno will be writing the plot and script for the new alliance raid. Illustrator and character designer Keita Amemiya will be designing the bosses.

Rhalgr’s Reach

The setting in which the Stormblood trailer takes place. This is a hamlet that serves as a base of operations to the Ala Mhigan resistance.


The Forbidden Land Eureka will be an exploration area exclusive to Stormblood. Not much is known about the finer points of this area, but Naoki Yoshida made a mention of 72 hour HNMs as well as the possibility of using this area to upgrade the next set of relic/anima style weapons.

Other Areas

  • Феликс

    OMG I can’t wait for this. The hype is real.

  • Alhanalem

    I just hope the combat system adjustments dont radically alter how jobs play (other than the previously mentioned rework of weak/less used actions)