FFXIV Fan Fest 2016 – Tokyo Keynote


FINAL FANTASY XIV Fan Festival 2016 Tokyo has officially begun! With the keynote ceremony, we’ve learned even more about the upcoming Version 4.0 expansion: Stormblood. Read on for a recap of all the fresh details.



Pre-orders will begun January 24th.

Collector’s Edition Preview


Physical Items:

  • Special packaging featuring original art by Yoshitaka Amano
  • High-quality figure of Zenos zos Galuvs, legatus of the XIIth Legion
  • Stormblood Art Book
  • Cloth Map of Eorzea
  • Original Decal (i.e. for a car window, for example)


Digital Bonuses:

  • Syldra mount
  • Wind-up Bartz Minion
  • Red Mage Main Arm: Chicken Knife

New Job: Red Mage

Job Type: Extra (No Base Class)
Starting Level:
50 (Tentative)
DPS (Ranged, Magic)
Rapier + Magicked Crystal Medium (Tentative Name)
Main Attribute:

As per tradition, the concept art and in-game renders feature the Job-Specific Equipment. The main hand and off-hand will be a single weapon, not discrete items.

Red magic is a hybrid of white and black magicks, while the rapier will deliver melee attacks. Rapid positioning between ranged and melee will be accomplished by an action to alleviate the constant need for movement. In battle, red mage will use chainspell to build up magickal power, leading into a melee assault that is capped off by unleashing the stored energy in a single barrage.

New Job Hint: Spider-Man

While this might be confusing at first, anyone researching potential Marvel / Samurai overlap (following the established pattern of t-shirts and what job people suspect) would find the results dominated primarily by two entities: Silver Samurai (a bit obvious) and (drum-roll, please) Samurai Spider-Man. Let’s also not forget that director Sam Raimi’s name is ominously similar to the word samurai … especially when rendered in katakana.

Case closed … or red herring? Please look forward to it!

New Feature: Swimming & Diving

Swimming will begin automatically upon entering a suitable body of water walking will perform a breast stroke, while sprinting will be a crawl. Not all bodies of water will be suited for swimming, but some A Realm Reborn areas will be, such as Costa del Sol.

Diving will be a separate system available only in deep waters. It, too, will be a seemless transition. And don’t worry about drowning! Some vague magicks will protect you, don’t worry about such a burden.

Movement is slightly slower than moving on land, and there will be no in-water combat. However, NPC interactions, gathering, and fishing will all be available beneath the waves (once unlocked with a special quest).

All mounts that can fly will be able to swim and dive, as well!

New Beast Tribe: The Ananta

An underwater race inhabiting the mountains near Ala Mhigo. They are made up solely of females, are currently oppressed by the Garleans, and have existed since the time of the Allagans. If you’ve seen a Lamia before, you can imagine just how the Allagans abused this race. They are extremely adept at magicks and gemcraft and offer their worship to a brand-new primal: Lakshmi, the Lady of Bliss.

New Theme by Nobuo Uematsu

Oh, yes – the streak continues. This theme will be an emotional and powerful song, but more uptempo than Answers and Dragonsong. Please look forward to more information at the next Fan Festival.

New High-End Raid: The Bend of Time – Omega


Ever since Patch 2.3 (Defenders of Eorzea) and leading all the way up to Patch 3.4, there have been hints of Omega, but in 4.0, the time has finally come to challenge this mechanical monstrosity.

New Alliance Raid Series: Return to Ivalice


This raid series will be trying something new, inviting special guest creators:

Yasumi Matsuno – Game Designer
Plot and Scripting
Credits include: Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together; Final Fantasy Tactics; Final Fantasy XII; Vagrant Story

Keita Amemiya – Illustrator and Character Designer
Boss Design
Credits Include: Garo; Clock Tower 3; Onimusa 2 & 3; Shin Megami Tensei IV

As a designer from Final Fantasy Tactics and Final Fantasy XII, Matsuno is excited to bring themes of Ivalice to the franchise theme-park that is Final Fantasy XIV … but you’ll have to wait to find out just how he’ll accomplish that and to see what kind of enemies Amemiya has up his sleeve.