Gamer Escape Coverage Of Upcoming Fan Fests


In case you missed it on the latest episode of Aetheryte Radio, we’re going to have a team on the ground at this weekend’s Fan Fest in Tokyo, Japan!

Our new GE staff members Marko, Shishikura, and Ritsku will all be out at the event taking pictures and throwing out tweets during the panels! If you aren’t already make sure to follow us on Twitter for the latest updates from the event!

In addition, we’ll be doing our best to keep the site updated with summaries of the panels throughout the event, including the keynote and the next live letter, so make sure to check back here if you miss anything!

We’re currently planning our Tokyo Fan Fest recap episode of Aetheryte Radio on December 28th at 5:00 PM EST where we’ll have Marko on to tell us about his time at the event as we talk about all of the exciting news released!

Looking ahead a bit, we’ve had an opportunity presented to us and we’re currently planning to have Fusionx out in Frankfurt, Germany for the last Fan Fest in February! This means that Gamer Escape will have people on the ground covering all three Fan Fests!

We hope you’re as excited as we are about all the news that’s coming our way in the next few months, and we’ll be doing our best to cover it for all of you!

You can check out all of of previous and future coverage for Fan Fest 2016 here.