FINAL FANTASY: Celebrating 25 Years- A Fan-Made Celebration E-Magazine

FINAL FANTASY: Celebrating 25 Years- A Fan-Made Celebration E-Magazine

For the last several months, we here at Gamer Escape have been working alongside UFFSite, RPG Site, Nova Crystallis and others in the FINAL FANTASY community to bring you a fantastic community project that looks back at 25 years of FINAL FANTASY.

This e-magazine features articles on every entry in the series in addition to staff bios and more packed into 129 pages!

This publication is not associated or endorsed by SQUARE ENIX and is available for free.

You can find download and viewing options after the jump. Enjoy!

  • Shad Egan (@KingKaio)

    Beautifully written and a great read.
    So glad FFIX got the love it deserved ^_^

  • Shawn Pwnagraphic Stenberg

    That was a real good read. Took me forever to read all of it, but it was a good one and I found out some things about games I played that I didn’t know.

  • Christopher Lee

    I’m currently reading this. It is amazing. Nostalgia overload.

  • fatalerrorvxd

    Something you might want to revise:

    “…So I asked Uematsu.

    Is it true, I asked, that the game is called Final Fantasy because Sakaguchi was going to go back to college and quit the game biz? Uematsu laughed: It’s true that Sakaguchi was going to quit, he said, but the bigger reason, the real reason, was that Square was going to go bankrupt and the designers believed that it would be the company’s swan song. ”